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New Jersey Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

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Increasing the health and wellness of your trees goes beyond periodic pruning. If you are passionate about maintaining the beauty of your property, consider special tree care and maintenance services from Colorscapes.

Colorscapes is a professional tree and landscaping company based in Watchung, New Jersey. We are not your average tree company—we are leaders in the industry who genuinely care about preserving and protecting your greenery. For us, removal is a last resort, so we employ innovation and environmentally friendly methods to help your trees and shrubs survive against the harshness of the elements—or help restore trees that have been damaged by improper trimming or CONSTRUCTION.

Colorscapes serves customers in and around Westfield, Watchung, Basking Ridge, Morristown, New Providence, and the surrounding regions. We provide a full range of tree services  for our loyal clientele.

Special maintenance and restoration services we provide

Deep Root Treatments

Deep root fertilization is a treatment for weak and sick trees.. Tree roots go deep down into the ground and sometimes need help.

The advantages of deep root fertilization include:

  • Provide effective soil aeration so the roots have access to water and nutrients
  • Promotes root growth to improve the stability and health of trees

Organic Soil Enhancer

Great trees and shrubs begin with great soil. With organic soil enhancing solutions, you can help young trees reach their full glory, and help mature trees shine against the elements. Soil enhancers help balance the pH of the dirt, rejuvenate your soil, reintroducing, supporting and encouraging the microbes that make soil healthy and productive.

Improve the curb appeal, cut maintenance and increase the character thus value of your home with tree proper,  planting, pruning and  maintenance from Colorscapes

If you require assistance pruning trees , removing trees, or would like to try our special tree care, maintenance, and restoration services, call Colorscapes today for a free estimate. You can reach us at 908-322-0253 or by using our Contact Form.  Our team of proffesionals, service customers in and around Westfield, Summit, Short Hills, Warren, New Providence, Basking Ridge and the surrounding areas.

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