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Your trees aren’t just another part of the landscape—they are playing grounds for children, invaluable sources of shade, and offer undeniable style and charm to the exterior of your home. When disease, fungi, and infestation threaten your cherished trees, it’s time to call in the experts to save this essential part of your family. A tree inspection performed by a professional could mean the difference between preserving a decades-old part of the landscape or uprooting a tree that is damaged beyond restoration.

Although the professionals at Colorscapes recommend annual inspections of the trees on your property, we know that’s not always a possibility. But, if you suspect a problem, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to save the tree. Call our team as soon as possible so we can perform a throughout evaluation of the plant life in your yard. In many instances, we are able to provide effective treatment and avoid the potentially arduous and expensive task of removing the tree.

When to call in an expert for a tree inspection

When evaluating your landscaping, look for signs that indicate a diseased, infected, or dying tree:

  • Brown or dark spots on leaves
  • Other leaf discoloration
  • Significant tree lean
  • Signs of decay
  • Trunk rot
  • Dead/falling branches
  • Loss of leaves too early in the season
  • Multiple trunks

You know your property best, so as soon as you notice an issue, call a professional. Tree disease is fairly common and often treatable. We are committed to saving dying trees  whenever possible.

What we do

Trees thrive when they are monitored and maintained, which is why our professionals take the time to inspect trees and assess their condition. We can uncover what is causing the issue, pest or disease infestation, soil issues, or structural problems and discuss treatment options available to improve your trees natural beauty.

We take into account the:

  • Age and size of the tree
  • Tree’s condition
  • Surrounding landscape
  • Possible risk and hazard factors, such as deadwood or falling limbs

Only a professional tree specialist can tell you whether your trees are in good health or decline, and whether they are safe or unsafe. Our professional inspect the tree carefully and systematically to ensure we accurately diagnose any problems.

Routine tree health inspections are vital to managing insects and diseases and helping trees thrive in suburban environments such as Watchung and Chatham.

Next, we’ll talk about how to keep the tree healthy once the immediate problem is solved. This may include:

  • Soil care
  • Fertilization
  • Water management
  • Mulching
  • Air spading
  • Root crown inspections
  • Additional insect and disease management

Properly timed disease treatments can prevent the spread of additional disease-causing fungi and spores.

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